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The Woman in the Photograph

Set in the romantic glow of 1920s Paris, a captivating novel of New York socialite and model Lee Miller, whose glamorous looks and joie de vivre caught the eye of Man Ray, one of the twentieth century's defining photographers.

1929, Montparnasse. Lee Miller moves to Paris determined to make herself known among the talented, bohemian circle of celebrated artists currently holding court in the city. She seeks out the charming, charismatic artist Man Ray to become his assistant but soon becomes much more than that: his model, his lover, his muse.

Coming into her own more fully every day, Lee models at Vogue, begins working on her own projects, and even stars in a film, provoking the jealousy of the older and possessive Man Ray. Drinking and carousing is the order of the day, but while hobnobbing with the likes of Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Charlie Chaplin, she also falls in love with the art of photography and finds that her own vision can no longer come second to her mentor’s.

The Woman in the Photograph is the richly drawn, tempestuous novel about a talented and fearless young woman caught up in one of the most fascinating times of the twentieth century.


"An intriguing and elegant novel. Dana Gynther portrays Lee Miller's evocative life in 1920s Paris with great conviction. Utterly fascinating." Hazel Gaynor, NYT Best-selling author of "The Girl Who Came Home: A Novel of the Titanic” and “A Memory of Violets"

"Vivacious and rebellious, Lee Miller strides across the pages of THE WOMAN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH with her inimitable style. From artistic garrets to Man Ray's photography studio to the elite offices of Vogue, Dana Gynther plunges us into the whirlwind of 1920s Paris and Lee's struggle to transcend her beautiful image and fulfill her talent as a photographer in her own right." - C.W. Gortner, author of MADEMOISELLE CHANEL

"By turns glamorous and brilliant, tender and tenacious, Lee Miller captured hearts with her photographs and her vibrant persona. Dana Gynther brings the story of the incomparable beauty and her tumultuous relationship with artist Man Ray to vivid life in her latest novel, THE WOMAN IN THE PHOTOGRAPH." –Heather Webb, author of "Rodin’s Lover" and "Becoming Josephine".

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